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What is gretools?

Gretools is a collection of programs which use the Barron's wordlist to help the user improve their vocabulary.
The word list is adapted from Sungwoo Park's wordlist found here. It has about 4000 words.

Why would I want to use gretools?

Gretools is a fun way to learn new words. It consists of an gtk-based synonym quizzing program (gresyns) and a word-guessing game (greinverse) among others. Features include automatically remembering the words on which you erred and applying a filter to restrict wordspace to practice on. It is particularly useful if you are preparing for word tests. I used gretools almost exclusively in my preparation for the GRE verbal test and scored 750/800 :-)

A stripped down version (gresyns-html, included in the gretools package) of the gresyns synonyms tool has an online interface.

What OSes does gretools run on?

gretools should build and run on any Unix/Linux system. It requires only the gtk library to build.

Where can I get gretools?

The project page is here. The latest release is 0.1.1. You can download the source tarball here. No binaries yet.

Where's the documentation?

The readme file is available here.

Screenshot of the gresyns program, part of the gretools package

screenshot of gresyns program

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